K&F Concept 72 Travel Video Overhead Tripod

K&F Concept 72 Travel Video Overhead Tripod

K&F Concept 72 Travel Video Overhead Tripod【2-in-1】:Tripod converted to monopod by adjust center axis to satisfied different shooting idea.

【Portability】: Net Weight(head included):3.48lbs/1.58 kg,Folded height: 14.76″ (49cm) ,plus carrying bag for easy delivery.

【Transverse Center Column】: Handle the central column from 0°to 180°in vertical and horizontal positions for different angle shots.

【Stable】:25mm maximum tude diameter with durable magnesium alloy,load capacity 10kg provide stable support for camera.A spring hook to hang additional weight.

【Composition】:360 °metal ball head helping to expand camera activity range when panoramic shooting.(Bubble level help to judge the level and the accurate composition).

1. Center column can be rotated 360°horizontally, making it easier for photography enthusiasts to realise panorama shooting; Center column inverted installation to realise the lowest angling shooting, macro shooting, and special photography.

2.Stretchable hook, can hang other heavy objects to increase the stability of the tripod; Spiral type locking knob makes operation easier and quicker, better locking strength, saving you more time

3.The bubble level helps you quickly find the balance of the rack, confirm the accuracy of the shooting, and achieve the perfect composition. 6.Dense sponge grip, anti-skid and sweat, defensive cold and keep warm, give you intimate protection.


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