The Gamer by The Gentleman’s Coolective, for those who live for RGB, who want to surround themselves in the booming sound of explosions, the screech of tyres… or FORTNITE. This guide for The Gamer covers every controller, PC peripheral and product for the perfect gaming setup and that perfect gift for The Gamer in your life.


Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

The Raiju Tournament Edition is perfect for that PS4 Gamer in your life, it features Razer Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons that provide a distinct combination of a soft cushioned touch with crisp, tactile feedback. The Raiju Tournament Edition comes loaded with a slew of extra buttons for advanced gaming – four remappable multi-function buttons; enjoy the control at your fingertips ­ as you master next-level techniques. When hair trigger mode is activated, the mechanical stop-switches greatly reduce travel distance to the two main triggers, enabling quick-firing action to deliver the competitive edge. With mode switch, you can easily switch between three connectivity modes: PS4, USB and PC; this makes re-pairing when interchanging devices efficient. Remap multi-function buttons and triggers, adjust sensitivity clutch options or fine-tune the intensity of rumble motors to complete your in-game experience – all with easy mobile app control

Fusion Pro Wired Controller For Xbox One (Black)

Control your destiny with the fusion Pro wired controller for Xbox One, or at the very least give that Xbox Gamer in your life a competitive edge. Play the way you want to with features including a mappable Pro Pack with four removable paddles, Three-way trigger locks, and swappable parts. With dual rumble motors – the gamer who got lucky this Christmas can immerse themselves in the game world with responsive rumble feedback.

Fusion Pro Wired Controller For Xbox One (White/Gold)

And if the Xbox Gamer in your life isn’t a fan of black, you can also pick it up in this snazzy little white and gold number!

PowerA Wireless Nintendo Officially Licensed GameCube Style Controller

So you have the PS4 gamer covered, the Xbox Gamer covered, so what about the Nintendo Gamer. GameCube style controllers are widely considered the preferred way to play Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate. Pull off precise attacks using octagonal gated sticks, larger A button, and nostalgic muscle memory on this officially licensed Bluetooth wireless controller for Nintendo Switch from PowerA. Everyone knows the GameCube Controller is the preferred gamepad for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, now thanks to Power A you get Wireless freedom using Bluetooth 5.0. With the classic GameCube design plus larger D-pad and added left shoulder button. Motion controls and system buttons added for compatibility across all Nintendo Switch games, player indicator and low battery warning LED.

Razer Kraken for Console

So now you have controllers sorted, you need a headset, well the 3rd generation Razer Kraken is the wired headset for console gaming. Its large 50 mm drivers deliver powerful and clear sound. It’s engineered for long-lasting comfort with cooling-gel cushions. A retractable microphone ensures your shot-calls are always delivered in absolute clarity. With cooling gel-infused ear cushions reduce heat build-up, while the leatherette rims provide superior sound isolation. The oval design ensures that they house your ears comfortably for those long gaming sessions.

Razer Kraken USB Headset

Feel complete gaming immersion without feeling the weight—introducing the Razer Kraken X USB, a PC gaming headset that allows you to game on, and on, and on. With its comfortable, lightweight design and superior audio, you’ll never want your gaming marathons to end.

Nebula Soundbar – Fire TV Edition

So you’ve got the controllers and the headsets, but what about those communal gaming sessions. For that we at The Gentleman’s Coolective recommend the Nebula Soundbar – Fire TV Edition which combines powerful 2.1 channel blockbuster audio with the Fire TV experience. 
Dual built-in subwoofers and our exclusive BassUp™ technology work together to produce intense low frequencies. BassUp™ analyses the bass in real-time, transforming digital data into intense bass-driven audio. A 2.1 channel design immerses you in the moment by combining 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers to create 100W of room-filling cinematic sound.
And when they are done gaming they can enjoy breathtaking picture quality with access to 4K Ultra HD streaming at up to 60fps, Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+. A 4K TV is required to access 4K streaming. With the Fire TV experience built-in, choose from over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Enjoy favourites from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, and more. They can also use the included Voice Remote with Alexa to control your soundbar and compatible TV functions like power, volume, navigation, and playback.

Optoma HD29H

The HD29H is the fastest projector in its class, with support for 1080p at 120Hz, it provides a lightning fast response time of 8.4ms – the lowest lag of any projector ever made.

This isn’t just a gaming projector. Its bright output of 3400 lumens, HDR support and high contrast 1080p images make it a solid option for watching movies, live sport and TV shows.

For added convenience, the projector comes complete with an integrated speaker that delivers powerful 10W audio. Despite the small dimensions of the projector, the level of audio created will easily fill a living space. An audio output is also included, enabling connection to external sound systems.

Additionally, the HD29H weighs less than 2.5kg making it light enough to carry around to friends in the optional carry bag for that gaming night, sports event or film festival.

Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

So for the 2019 12 Gears of Christmas, we have covered, the PS4, the Xbox, the Nintendo switch, so finally we need to get to the PC. The master race, where better to start than with a gaming mouse?

The Gamer in your life can game wirelessly with a fast, reliable connection—featuring dual-mode Razer HyperSpeed Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. Our Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor comes with 16,000 DPI for precise swipes while the Razer Mechanical Mouse Switch offers a highly durable life cycle of up to 50 million clicks.

Made to perform better than any wireless technology, the low latency delivers high-speed transmission to register swipes and clicks instantaneously. It’s also highly adaptive, able to switch seamlessly between frequencies to maintain peak stability, allowing you the freedom to compete at your best.

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition Optical Gaming Keyboard

A split second can determine your victory, which is why speed is key in the Razer Huntsman tournament Edition. So for that gamer in your life, arm them with Razer linear optical switches and a 1. 0mm optical actuation, it also comes with on-board memory and a compact form factor so you can execute game-winning moves in any arena. Nothing is faster than the speed of light—that’s why we designed a switch that utilises light to register a keystroke. The Razer linear optical switch features 1. 0mm optical actuation so you can execute commands instantly, leaving no doubt when your kill is determined in the blink of an eye.

Razer Atheris STORMTROOPER Edition

From the creators of some of the best gaming mice in the world comes Razer Atheris, the mouse optimised for both work and play. With a pocket-sized form, it’ll bring your A-game whether you’re on the battlefield or shuffling between meetings. The Razer Atheris is packed with features such as industry-leading signal stability, dual-connectivity and over 200 hours of continuous use*, all in a compact ergonomic body, focused on delivering performance and productivity. Plus did we mention Stormtroopers? Because this mouse has a Stormtrooper on it! it’s Functional, Reliable, Imperial!

Razer BlackWidow STORMTROOPER Edition Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow Lite delivers full functionality in a compact form. Featuring Razer Mechanical Switches (Orange) with included o-rings for extra sound dampening, experience silent but tactile feedback. The keyboard is also equipped with individually backlit keys with full brightness control. Use Razer Synapse 3, a cloud-based hardware configuration tool, to access advanced options like assigning macros, setting shortcuts and more.

Razer Kraken Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset STORMTROOPER Edition

The 3rd generation Razer Kraken is the wired headset for competitive gamers. Its large 50 mm drivers deliver powerful and clear sound. It’s engineered for long-lasting comfort with cooling-gel cushions. A retractable microphone ensures your shotcalls are always delivered in absolute clarity, plus it has more STORMTROOPERS.

Razer Goliathus Extended (Speed) STORMTROOPER Edition

So you have the STORMTROOPER mouse, the keyboard, the headset now all you need is the mousepad, we have you covered! The Razer Goliathus’ soft cloth-based design makes it the ideal mat to take to LAN parties and tournaments. It maintains flatness no matter how many times it is rolled up and unrolled again. The weave on the Razer Goliathus is pulled taut to create a slick and seamless surface so your gaming mouse glides quickly with zero hindrance. The weave also provides a nice, comfortable feel under your hand minimizing fatigue over extended periods of play. Low sense, high sense, laser, optical or dual sensor system – whatever your sensitivity setting or preferred gaming mouse, the Razer Goliathus offers total tracking responsiveness for consistently reliable in-game control.

Philips Hue Play Smart Light Bar

So what else does the gamer in your life need? Atmosphere! So we have the perfect gift idea for the gamer in your life, the Philips Hue Play Smart Light Bar! Create a unique light experience for their TV or gaming area with the Philips hue play light bars. With an elegant and compact design, the hue play light bars can be easily integrated it into your home or entertainment area. From mounting it behind your TV/PC monitor to free standing or laying on its side, the versatile design is made to blend into your home seamlessly. With our Philips hue ‘white and colour ambiance’ range, play with 16 million different colours including warm and cool white light and create the perfect ambiance for any mood.

Philips Hue Lightstrip

If you want to take it one step further you could also get that gamer in your gift list the Hue Lightstrip Plus is one of the flexible light source imaginable. It comes with a detachable power adapter for easy installation. You can shape the strip in nearly any form and use the tape on the back to attach it to any solid surface. If needed, you can cut your hue Lightstrip Plus to size on the scissor markings. Integrate Lightstrip Plus into furniture, under kitchen cabinets or highlight architectural features with smooth, indirect light. Hue Lightstrip Plus is a versatile and robust light source that will bring your room to life.

It will extend their TV viewing experience to the whole room or lift their gaming experience to the next level.

Razer Arctech Slim Mercury Case for iPhone 11 

With the Razer Arctech Slim iPhone case, the only thing turning up the heat is you. Experience better device performance with improved phone cooling—through a lightweight, vented design lined with a cutting-edge Thermaphene Performance layer, it will maximise the gamer in your lifes’ mobile gaming experience, but it will also improve it’s performance in general.


Listen without limitation and take your audio immersion to new heights with the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds—packed with performance for seamless, high-quality sound you can enjoy anywhere.

The wireless earbuds have an extremely low 60ms input latency, which means its audio stays synced with your device and will never stutter, providing a competitive gaming advantage and a more immersive experience for videos and music.

Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, you can work out to your favourite tunes and have the freedom to wear these wireless earbuds during a variety of outdoor activities.

The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds have dynamic drivers optimised to provide a quality listening experience, pushing out crisp trebles and midrange with deep, satisfying bass. 

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