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After 5 years, Roest have finally finalised their design, filed a patent and started shipping the first machines world wide. So when you’re ready to give home coffee roasting a try, do it in style with the Roest Coffee Roaster. Their history started when Sverre developed a 1 kg home roaster during their co-founder’s master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.  This small-scale roaster or should it be ‘Roester’ will not only reduce the workload most sample roasters require, but it’s also a design award winner. Roest has a 100-gram capacity and is controlled via a touch screen and a single dial, making it incredibly easy to roast your own beans. A hybrid of a drum and fluid bed roaster, Roest is mobile, Wi-Fi connected, and features smart software that saves your data for future use, whether you roast automatic or manual.


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