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Philips Shaver Series 7000

Philips Shaver Series 7000

The Philips Shaver Series 7000 is the top-of-the-range offering from Philips it’s the rotary shaver designed for those with sensitive skin, with a pivoting tri-blade head and the option to use it wet or dry.

It offers as close a shave as an electric shaver can, it is kind to sensitive skin and has been through this testing a joy to use.

Design & Build…

Out of the box, through the neat packaging and within the soft yet firm travel case, there’s something rather alluring about the Philips Series 7000, the trio of circular blades look for some reason not only more advanced but ultimately more appealing than the straight foil type of Philips’ competitors, but it’s really the colour that first catches your eye, a light venetian blue that instantly puts your mind at ease, that this is a shaver designed for the sensitive skinned.

The quality of the build is that the Series 7000 has almost unrivalled ergonomics, it fits your hand instantly, and feels almost weightless compared to other razors at this price point, but although it’s light it neither feels cheap, or brittle.

While some have argued not having the trimmer as part of the build but as an add on is a design flaw – but we don’t think so with the added option of the exfoliator attachment we enjoy the plug, switch and use aspect across the multiple heads – actually we would like more heads – it’s only a matter of time till Philips can make this a reality. However, if you’re someone easily annoyed/frustrated or forgetful and you regularly use a trimmer, this could really cause some trouble.

As for the indicators the Series 7000 has a very simple display which is concealed behind a glossy black plastic below the power button, with three simple lines to indicate the battery level.


With 72 rotating blades and a 5 directional shaver head movement – from the first pass across the face you really notice the smoothness compared to a single foil razor.   When using the Series 7000, you really are caught off guard by the lack of noise from the razor – it’s so quiet I found myself checking that it was on when I used it the first time. As for the shave itself, on light stubble it required one pass to bring it under control and create a smooth face, what I really appreciated was not only the softness of the shave, but how well it worked on those awkward areas of the neck something I have always found this design struggled with before.

This is a wet-and-dry model, meaning whether with shaving foam/gel or in the shower, however you choose to shave this works! And it works well.

Day to Day…

From day to day use, the first noticeable downside, especially at this price point is that there is no charging/cleaning stand supplied – something that does come with a Braun razor at the same cost, which is annoying as they make a big claim that keeping the razor clean helps it create a smoother shave and when you are dropping £240 on a razor you want it to work for as long as possible.

As for using the shaver, one battery charge lasts for around 50 mins of shaving, and a full recharge only takes an hour, which is pretty standard, the feature of a 5 minute quick charge for a single shave was great, and a feature I found myself using. While taking it traveling the Series 7000 does come with a rather nice semi-solid travel case. Cleaning the shaving head from a standard dry shave is a simple matter of running it under a tap for a minute, but as mentioned before the lack of a cleaning/charging stand is a drawback if you do plan to use it with shaving foam/gel.

For us for the money, this is the best shaver on the market right now, it’s quiet, it has great performance, and it looks fantastic – on the downside it doesn’t have the Smart Clean station but it doesn’t cost too much to get one on the side to make it perfect.




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