Named in tribute for the old Downtown Park in St. Paul, Minnesota, that was referred to as “the Pillbox,” Pillbox Bat. Co is making bats that are as functional as they are stylish. With all their amazing bat’s it is hard to choose a favourite but here at the Gentleman’s Coolective we have to opt for the Three Strikes – Flamethrower.

Each 34″ bat is Made in the USA from the same solid Maple that the pros use and then hand-painted in Winona, Minnesota, in one of six styles before getting a durable varnish finish.

The Three Strikes Bat is available in black/white/yellow or black/gold and is emblazoned with three X’s for all the pitchers out there. We particularly love the Three Strikes – Flamethrower. Which is the second iteration in their line of bats for all you pitchers out there. So named the “Flamethrower” this one has a slight twist – the blackened part of the barrel is burned with a blow-torch to give it that authentic burned appeal.

While each bat is perfectly suited for hanging above the mantle, they’re also well made enough to actually use to hit a ball. [Purchase]

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