Forget about regular pocket knives for your EDC — the Screwpop Utlity Knife 2.0 is the thinnest, most compact way to keep a blade on you wherever you go. At the Gentleman’s Coolective we love this simple EDC tool, which uses standard 2 or 4 step blades, and has a lever system to allow for up to four different cutting depths.

It uses a neodymium magnet to hold the blade in place so you’re not wounding yourself in the leg every time you put it in your pocket, it weighs under an ounce, even with a blade, has a handy bottle opener at one end, and a hole on the other end for attaching to a keychain or carabiner.

It can now even magnetically stick to a refrigerator, tool box, work-shop machine or any surface that permits magnetization.

Don’t worry about traveling as the blade can be easily removed and thrown away and quickly replaced at any hardware store.