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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker Review

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The (formerly UE) Ultimate Ears WonderBoom speakers are portable Bluetooth speakers that deliver incredible 360 degrees of full throated sound, with the same rugged build quality of its bigger brothers but that’s not the only reason why we are enamoured with them – let’s find out.

The Ultimate Ears WonderBoom speakers come in a variety of 6 stylish colours, we have the Cashmere and Lilac here, but you can also have them in Stone, Phantom, Fireball and Sub Zero. For the rest of us that’s Pink, Lilac, Grey, Black, Red and Blue, a wide enough range for anyone or any room

The unboxing experience is simple yet stylish even after struggling to get the outer shell off. The box flips open to unveil the surprisingly compact Ultimate Ears WonderBoom. On first impressions the weight is noticeable, it feels like something that can be thrown about. On the back, we have the charging connection covered, while on the front the volume buttons feel tactile and sturdy, on the top the control buttons and power are nicely designed without being obtrusive to the aesthetic. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, has the same rugged textured feel as it’s siblings, which is a good thing, because it’s designed to take a beating. There isn’t much else in the box apart from the charging cable – which unfortunately isn’t USB C, but a micro USB.

While the Ultimate Ears Roll 2 was flat the rest of the range have been tall and cylindrical the WonderBoom however is a more compact, portable design. Even with the reduced size, they still feel weighty and premium and like the rest of the range just as tough too. Ultimate Ears claim on their website that the WonderBoom has a safe drop distance of five feet, but we tested ours fully launching them across a garden like an American Football and they withstood everything we could throw at them (Forgive the pun)

As well as that incredible drop resistance, the WonderBoom speakers can also be taken into showers, baths, swimming pools, jacuzzis, basically any other body of freshwater you fancy dropping this in, it’ll survive, we also dropped it into a very murky pond and it continued to live.

Besides those two massive front volume controls, the rest of the WonderBoom’s buttons are minimalistic and nicely blended into the top. You have a small Bluetooth button for connecting to your phone, tablet or computer, as well as a single Ultimate Ears button in the middle which controls everything from pause and skip to magically pairing to another WonderBoom speaker.

With the WonderBoom, it’s all about getting up and go – set up is simple and the WonderBoom is easy to setup and operate. Once it’s charged up (via the covered-up micro USB port hidden away beneath the speaker), simply hold the bluetooth button, and pair, it’s quick, painless and no need for the Ultimate Ear’s App.

You can even pair up a second WonderBoom speaker, to create a stereo system, if you really want to blow your ears off. But better still the pairing function can create a semi multiroom or multiarea set up. To do this just hold down the Ultimate Ears button on both speakers and they’ll discover each other in about 5 to 10 seconds. At this point they’ll sync up perfectly, playing the same music with no kind of lag or stutter, at almost a claimed 100ft range – we found having one outside at the back of the house and one outside at the front and there was no issue, perfect for a party.

Unlike it’s bigger brother’s there isn’t much else to the WonderBoom, while it’s siblings now come rocking Alexa built in – the WonderBoom doesn’t have that luxury but for most people that’s not what they are for. But if it was up to us, they would make an incredible sound choice to replace an Echo Dot – so maybe a future update will make this possible. The standout feature apart from the rugged, waterproofness is definitely the fact you can pair two together. But at the same time, maybe it’s just being spoilt but you wish you could pair more than 2 of the Ultimate Ear’s WonderBoom speakers at once, but still we will survive.

Unlike the MegaBlast and Blast, there is no kind of app support with the WonderBoom, but without WiFi support an app really isn’t needed. Just pair one to your mobile, connect them together and then BLAST whatever music you like.

Sound quality is impressive not just for there size but in general, obviously it isn’t as powerful as with the bigger models, but we’re still mightly impressed with the audio levels pumped out.

If it were up to us Ultimate Ears would be the only brand of bluetooth speaker you would need, an offshoot from Logitech, Ultimate Ears offer some of the best designed, sounding and rugged speakers available. The MegaBlast and the Blast which we are reviewing in the next couple of weeks are the big brothers of this impressive 360-degree audio speaker.

The Ultimate Ears WonderBoom are easy to setup and use and the audio quality is impressive considering their size, they offer the same rugged build quality and lovability of its bigger brothers minus Alexa support, but with a more affordable asking price and pleasingly simple setup.


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