Beeline – Smart Navigation for Bikes

Beeline – Smart Navigation for Bikes

Beeline is all about making journeys more enjoyable while effectively helping you get where you need to be. The smart compass concept simply gives you the as-the-crow flies direction and distance to travel, giving you the freedom to pick your own path. Join the thousands of people taking charge of their rides with Beeline.

Freeflow navigation

Beeline’s crystal clear outdoor display gives at a glance navigation. Set your destination (and waypoints) with the official app and the smart-compass arrow shows you the straight line distance and direction to head in, giving you the freedom to pick your own route. Immerse yourself in the real world and pick your path based on your surroundings.

Ride tracking and sharing

Through the free app, track all your rides and share with friends. It tracks how far you’ve ridden, where you’ve explored and lets you save favourite places. Share your rides and discoveries with friends.

Award winning design

Developed with award winning designers at Map Project Office and nominated for the Design Museum Design of the Year 2017 award. Built with form and function in mind, the beautiful design straps on to any bike without additional mounts and is water and shock resistant

More than just a navigation device

With speedo and clock modes on the device, and ride tracking and sharing through the app, Beeline has everything you need to make your ride.


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