Vino Wine Cooler

Vino Wine Cooler

The Inventor Vino Wine Cooler makes enjoying a refreshing beverage easy and convenient in any room. Small in size measuring only (H)64.2 x (W)48.0 x (D)44.0 cm, but large in storage up to 66Lt, provides four shelves of 5 wine bottles storing per shelf and a basket for assorted bottles and cans.

Enjoy contemporary design with a UV glass door for solar radiation protection.
Features of the Vino Wine Cooler:

  • The Inventor Vino wine cooler has 4 shelves for 5 wine bottles per shelf and a basket for bottles and cans
  • This little wonder, saves space in your main refrigerator by safely keeping in reserve all of your favorite wine
  • Modern design with glass door of UV glass for solar radiation protection and switchable blue LED interior light
  • With external digital temperature control from 5ºC to 18ºC
  • Climate Class N for Excellent Operation from +16 °C up to +32 °C
  • A Energy Class with annual energy consumption 138kWh
  • Ideal for kitchen or bedroom due to low noise functionality 42dB


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