Tacklife CSK77AC Advanced Mini Circular Saw

Tacklife CSK77AC Advanced Mini Circular Saw

Features of the Tacklife CSK77AC Advanced Mini Circular Saw :
✔ The design of the laser ruler and ladder make the cutting more direct and professional
✔ the left-handed blade design provides remarkable cut-line visibility
✔ Metal guard protect the spark from hurting your hand and destroying the saw handle
✔ The power supply design, 705 W / 5.8 A(900W / 7.5A), offers normal-sized performance at 4,500 rpm
✔ Motor postposition separates the gravity center of the saw to suit for you hand grasp
✔ Two switches control the operation for safety
✔ Max.Cutting depth to 28.5 mm (1-1/8″)
✔ With six blades lasts it a longer cutting life,and 24 teeth TCT blade for wood and plastic cutting,44 teeth HSS blade metal cutting,60 grit diamond blade for tile cutting
✔ With a hexagonal wrench for blade change easily, and the dust extraction adapter maintains the dust-free cutting line for better visibility

How to change saw blade of electric circular saw:
Press and hold the locking button (the orange button, which is on the right side of the handle at the end of the machine shell) and change the saw blade with the six angle wrench in the same time.

• Material: plastic + alloy steel
• Size: 38 * 14 * 8.5cm
• Working Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
• Rated power: 705W / 5.8A (900W / 7.5A)
• Speed: 4500rpm
• Nominal Voltage / Frequency: 220 ~ 240 /60Hz
• Cutting range:
Cutting depth: 0~28.5 mm(1-1/8″)
Cutting angle: 90°
• Laser level: Class 2
• Blade
★ 24 teeth TCT blade: 89mm x 10mm x 24T
★ 44 teeth HSS blade: 89mm x 10mm x 44T
★ 60 grit diamond blade: 89mm x 10mm x 60m

What You Get:
• 1 x Tacklife CSK77AC Laser Circular Saw
• 6 x Saw Blades
• 1 x Vacuum hose
• 1 x Allen wrench for blade
• 1 x Parallel Guide
• 1 x User Manual


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